Today we had Lunch

20 Nov

Almost everyday we face the problem of serving food for the children. Monthly, through a government program we have porridge to serve, however, sometimes we don’t have water to mix with it. Today, luckily, we had water for the porridge and moreover, we had rice and a mix of meat, potato and tomato. Tks for a volunteer that bought this food.


“A History of Hope” by KYF

19 Nov

Through the help of the volunteer Mary Carvalho and KYF (Kenya Youth Foundation), this video was produced to show our history and what we need. We invite you to see:

“Julie Hope and Children Rescue Centre is a Nursery School in Kibera Slums [Kenya]. This School takes care of 25 children, whose parents are currently facing Stima and Discrimination because of their HIV Positive Status.

This Centre is more than a school and for most of these kids is there Home! The only place where they can learn, where they have one meal per day and where they receive Love and Happiness. But Teacher Benta [the founder of the Centre] is facing a lot of issues and is now without a place to teach and feed her kids.

Kenya Youth Foundation is sharing this story with you, hoping that together we can buy a permanent structure in Kibera, Where Teacher Benta and her kids can stay, as they continue fighting for a better life with a bit of harmony.

Contact us! Give your donation! This beautiful family needs your help, and just all together, we can make a big difference in the life of these 25 kids.”


Children & School

15 Nov

Overseers' Education Centre

Education for All (Kangemi - Nairobi/Kenya)